Welcome to the website of the Yorkshire Tribunal Advocacy Project (YTAP). We are an informal collaboration between advice charities and law schools, currently coordinated by independent volunteers and The University of Law (Leeds).

Our aims:

- to help people who need advocacy support at tribunals but cannot obtain it from other sources;
- to provide useful advocacy experience for law students and advice workers.

What we do:

We help organisations train volunteers to assist people at tribunals. Then we match them with people needing assistance. At the moment, we are a small and unfunded project. We don't have any paid staff – all project participants are working on a voluntary basis.

We are at present generally only accepting referrals:
  1. Regarding ESA and PIP appeals that concern the DESCRIPTORS or the WCA (ie. not DLA cases, or cases regarding capital rules and ESA, etc).  We have assisted with Support Group and Exceptional Circumstances cases as well as linked hearings (e.g. ESA and DLA) but will only advance arguments regarding ESA and PIP at these hearings.  We may look to expand our scope in the future.
  2. From benefits caseworkers who are in a position to write submissions outlining relevant descriptors.  However, we do have referrers who do not do this - please email us and we will gladly contact you to discuss a working relationship.

Find out more:

You can read a December 2012 article about our project from Adviser magazine here. We are grateful for their permission to reproduce it.

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